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Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite 
Valley of Steubenville
626 N. 4th Street, Steubenville, OH 43952
(740) 282-1391   valley85.aasr@gmail.com

The Black Hat Program

Once your journey begins as a Scottish Rite 32° Mason it 
is important to become involved in the many activities
available to you and your family. It will increase your 
opportunities to interact with your new found 
brotherhood while having your family at your side on 
most of those occasions. The Membership Committee 
has initiated an incentive to help you increase your 
involvement through the Black Hat Program. The Black Hat Program gives you the opportunity to earn a free Black 32° Cap as pictured above. This program is open to every member of the Fall Reunion Class and Valley of Steubenville member who is not a VSA or MSA. The members who decide to participate must attend at least SEVEN (7) Valley activities throughout the year. These will be recorded by the brother on his Black Hat Program card. The caps will be presented at a special awards ceremony. 
How Do I become a Scottish Rite 32° Mason?

To become a Scottish Rite Mason, you must first be a Master Mason. You can then complete a membership application to join the Valley of Steubenville Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite and begin your journey towards becoming a 32° Scottish Rite Mason. 
Why Should I become a Scottish Rite 32° Mason?

Scottish Rite brings together family and fellowship. Being an extension of your masonic travels, Scottish rite gives you the opportunity to fellowship with
like-minded Brothers in a family atmosphere. Combining the values of family and friendship makes Scottish Rite the paramount organization within Freemasonry. Once you become a Scottish Rite 32º Mason you can be a part of the various events sponsored by the Valley of Steubenville because they not only afford you an opportunity to interact with your friends and Brothers, but also an opportunity to form new relationships, and enjoy each other’s company.
Timothy L. Walters MSA VSA, Execuitve Secretary          Ill. Edsel F. Emery 33° VSA, Deputys Representative