Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite
Valley of Steubenville
Stated meeting 4th Thursday 7:30 p.m.

   O. Wayne Fulmer, 32°, Secretary                                                                                        Edsel F. Emery, 33°, Deputy’s Representative

My dear brothers:

 We are now in the Advent season of the Christian calendar, and we who worship Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior are anticipating the celebration of His birth.

In this season of love and hope, I find great wisdom in our Masonic teachings. Through out the degrees of our Blue Lodge, and continuing through the degrees of the Scottish Rite we find one continuing thread: We are taught to give thanks for the manifold blessings that surround us, to respect all men, and to love one another. Faith, Hope and Charity (Love) are the principal supports of Freemasonry and the keys that open the kingdom of Heaven for all.

There is much we can take from our Masonic teachings my brothers, and I believe that we all grow as men through attention to them. Remember, you are not just a man…you are a Mason.

I always say that I would not know a single man who attends Scottish Rite events were it not for the Rite. My life is enriched and blessed by knowing and calling each of you my Brother. And so, in this joyous season of Christmas, my wife Sherry and I extend to every member of the Rite a Most Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ill. Edsel Emery, 33° Deputy's Representative